Wednesday, 1 August 2007

AdFest 2007 tidbits

AdFest 2007 tidbits.
So far, Ogilvy's done Manila proud, with several bronzes and a gold for my favorite Pond's billboard, "Pore." JWT is bringing home an AdFest globe (best in category) too, for the Cat Fantasies illustrations. Sadly, Piglets didn't make it to the nominee round, remaining a finalist. On a happier note, Y&R Kuala Lumpur's "Audiowaves" for Penguin Audiobooks did get a nomination, and Y&R Thailand's "Cowboy" ad for UBC's Asian movies channel received a bronze. (One must cheer on one's network.)Ogilvy Singapore's stunning work for East Timor, and the Singapore Hospice Council, both big winners in the World Press Awards, also got nods from the AdFest judges. BBDO Singapore's Wrangler Basic Jeans series, celebrating the Neanderthal in every guy, had the team taking to the stage almost too often to count. Clima Bike Locks, out of Leo Burnett Bangkok, took home the Best of the Best in Print.The jury head for Print Craft, arms akimbo and head at a challenging angle, scolded the audience for not entering enough work in the print craft categories. I think a discount promotion on entry fees is in order. As much as we'd like to, there is simply not enough money for all the entry fees in all the major shows. We try to be smart about our entries, as other agencies do; but there are days that the award show rounds feel like high-stakes poker, and just seeing the entry fees on the forms makes you want to fold early and go home to a sumptuous bed with thick pillows that give just a little lovely bit when your heavy head hits them.One thing I have learned: the opening dance number is a must.

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