Friday, 8 June 2007

That was the message screaming from a giant billboard

That was the message screaming from a giant billboard welcoming our cab as it made its way into Pattaya town, courtesy of McCann Erickson Thailand. Which reminded me that McCann had upped its ante in recent years at Asia Pacific’s premier advertising event, notably McCanns no holds-barred party which is, interestingly, labeled Creative Coup this Friday night. Featuring top UK acts from The Comedy Club, live percussions shows, choreographed troop performances, caged dancers, a Thai rock band and Jan Gerits jumping out of a box!

In the meantime, Walking Street had it fair share of jay walkers from this year’s AdFest delegation of almost 1600 people. The Happy A Go Go Bar, followed by the Super A Go Go bar didn’t fail to please the tired eyes of delegates recovering from a hard and hectic day of talks, lectures, and workshops. Campaign Brief Asia’s Kim Shaw in the meantime headed to the Carousel to pay his bar dues from last year. While ADOI’s Gary Tay and Joe De Silva were busy interviewing delegates in the fish tank bar at the Royal Cliff main lobby. Ham was also on an urgent mission to attend TBWA\’s diner session which was regularly peppered by some pretty challenging ‘Did you Know’ jokes by, did you know, John Merrifield.

This morning The Hammer spoke to John Hunt who’s the Film Jury Prez this year. John was also Cannes Jury Prez two years ago. He shared his thoughts on how Asia seemed to be at some creative crossroad after 10 years of AdFest. John says the time for a new wave of creative styles and ideas will emerge in the next curve for the region. He also had very good words to say about McCann India’s Pepsodent TVC!

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